English Ladies Figurines

The English Ladies Company produces a spectacular range of bone china figurines and giftware.  The Company began in 2011 and since then their range of these beautiful figurines has grown considerably.  The English Ladies Figurines are designed in Stoke-on-Trent, England, and are manufactured in Thailand. Each figurine is unique and the Modellers have made sure of a high level of detail in every one of them. This includes ensuring that the fourteen separate parts required to make up each figurine are crafted to the highest standard. 

The Master Painter at English Ladies Figurines is Dan Smith, who trained with Royal Doulton. and one of their frequent Modellers is Valerie Annand, who has worked with Coalport, Royal Worcester and Royal Doulton. The remarkably talented Adrian Hughes, who has modelled figurines for many of the great ceramic manufacturers in the United Kingdom, was commissioned to model the Figurine of the Year 2012.

Each and every english ladies figurine is made by hand and is hand decorated.  The beautifully finished decoration is enhanced by the use of REAL gold, which is added just before the final firing.

The English Ladies Figurines are now favourites among Collectors and are becoming very much sought after, particularly their Limited Editions.