Bradford Exchange Figurines

The Bradford Exchange specializes in Limited Edition Collectables.  They deal in unique items including music boxes, clocks, dolls and fine jewellery including officially Licensed Collectables by such as The Navy, Elvis Presley, Disney, The Flying Scotsman and others.


The Bradford Exchange also offers artifacts designed by renowned Artists such as Adrian Rigby and Thomas Kinkade.


The Figurines on this page are uniquely handcrafted for the Bradford Exchange and are exclusive to them. 

The Bradford Exchange Lady Figurines include figurines modelled on real people. For example ‘Catherine, The Royal Bride’ or ‘The Royal Coronation of Queen Victoria’ or they commemorate special occasions such as the ‘Jewel of Remembrance’ which is endorsed by the ‘Lest we Forget Association’ who support the welfare of the Merchant Navy and Armed Forces personnel who have been disabled. 


Other Figurines have been fashioned to celebrate 'life' such as Thomas Kinkade’s ‘Angel of Promise’ a symbol of the hope that is shining in our hearts.